1. Customer must need to present at the place where the Inverter is installed. 
  2. Customer must have separate network of 2.4Ghz WIFI network in their router (broadband) connection. 
  3. Broadband or a Router connection is necessary as it’s will not work on Mobile data or a hotspot. 
  4. WIFI setup will be done till 4:30 PM after that Inverter will shut down as there is no daylight. 
  5. There should be no special character in your WIFI network name and in the Password. 
  6. WIFI network strength needs to be strong enough in between 10m from the Modem box to the Inverter box. 
  7. Please make sure you have basic knowledge of technology like what is setting what is WIFI. 
  8. For setting up the WIFI and in making APP work we don’t send any technician at your house to configure and make it work. 
  9. For setting up the APP we are not charging any extra cost.